Training program for advanced runners – 8 weeks to Banja Luka half-marathon race


You feel that you are in good shape, you train every day and want to run the Banja Luka half-marathon. You are in the right place – Lucia Kimani, Coach of the Running School for Recreation Runners (TRK), has put together an 8-week running training program for advanced runners.

The training plan is intended for runners who can already, at a light pace, run 8km per day and at least 15km per week. Following the instructions of Lucie Kimani, you ought to develop strength and endurance and show your best at the Banja Luka half-marathon.

Coach Kimani, together with the members of TRK, Recreational Club, has been, for the past months, preparing citizens of Banja Luka for the 4th Banja Luka half-marathon. Here is an opportunity to take a peek into her training plan.

Table: 8-week training plan

1 off 2 km L + 3 km L + 2 km L off off 4 km M off 10 km L
2 off 2 km L + 2 km M+ 2 km L off off 6 km M off 12 km L
3 off 2 km L + 2 km M + 2 km M off off 8 km M off 13 km L
4 off 3 km L + 3 km M off off 7 km M off 14 km L
5 off 3 km L + 2 km M + 1 km M off off 5 km M off 16 km L
6 off 2 km L + 4 km M + 1 km F off off 10 km M off 18 km L
7 off 3 km L + 2 km L off off 8 km L off 8 km L
8 3 km L +  2 km L off off 4 km S off 21.1 km HALF MARATHON PARTY!!!

L – Light pace; M – Medium pace; F – Fast pace

+ – pause between the intervals, 3 minutes


Lucia Kimani is a Bosnian-Kenyan athlete, who came to our country in 2005, and has been having a string of sports achievements ever since. Lucia was the best athlete of Republic of Srpska in 2006. The Assembly of the Athletic Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AS BH) represented her the best athlete in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2015.

She broke the half-marathon state record twice in 2006 and the state record of the 1989 marathon. That same year she became the state champion in cross-country, and 1,500 and 3,000 meters, the winner of the BH Team Championship at 3,000 meters, with AC Borac, won the Split Marathon and Rijeka half-marathon as well, and last year the half-marathon in Dubrovnik with a time of 1:25:01.

In April 2007, at the well-known international Vienna marathon, she won the fourth place with a time of 2:38:21, setting a new record for Bosnia and Herzegovina. With this result, she fulfilled the norm for participation at the Osaka World Cup in August 2007 and at the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

At the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008, she finished the marathon on 42nd place, with time of 2:35:47, and once again broke the record of Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has participated in the Olympic Games in 2012, and all the preparations she is working on at the moment are focused towards the Olympic Games in 2020.


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