Relay – Handoff/exchange Area


“All for one, one for all” is a slogan and a little secret of every successful company and our Gazprom Petrol Stations Half Marathon. For the first, but certainly not the last time, there will be more than 100 teams taking part in the Relay Half Marathon, on Sunday. The Relay race is organized in the following way: There is a velcro on the runner’s number. An unique team chip will be placed on it. The first member of the team puts the chip on his/her number and starts the race, approaches the first exchange area, takes off the chip and hands it off to another member of his/her team.

Where is the handoff/exchange area? Having the identical numbers, teams from dreams will perform three relay handoffs in Banjaluka’s parts of the city: Malta (nearby Sport Vision and BMW), Obilicevo (nearby Faculty for Economics) and Kocicev Vijenac (nearby Glas Srpske).

Good luck!



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