Press release from the “Support MC” agency: Our team has, so far, organized four half-marathon race in Banja Luka!


Team of the “Support” marketing agency from Banja Luka responded to the statements that have appeared in the media, on the question of organization of the RMC Banja Luka half-marathon race and the “Run & More Weekend” festival.

We bring you a full press release:

We would like to use this opportunity to confute all that has appeared in the media in the past few days, regarding the organization and realization of the previous 4 editions of the half-marathon race in Banja Luka. Namely, we want to inform the public that Vladimir Selec and the recreational racing club “Trk” have only taken part in the half-marathon organization, in a small percentage, and that they were, by no means, initiators of this event nor meritorious for its success.

The biggest part of the organizational structure of the event comes from the “Support MC” members and associates, who are in possession of copyright of the event, and who have been sole responsible for the organization of this event in the previous 4 years.

“Support” team is the conceptual creator of this event and its organizational structure, author of all marketing campaigns, signs, logos, slogans, visual solutions and textual content for all four editions of the half-marathon races, as well as for the 1st edition of the “Run & More Weekend”, and the only ones that are unauthorized to use these materials at this time are Vladimir Selec and “TRK”.

Having said that, the attorney team of the “Support” marketing agency has already taken all legal action to prevent and punish further misuse and unauthorized use of all materials owned by the authors and the agency.

“Support” team also wishes to inform the public of Bosnia and Herzegovina, our runners from the region and Europe, that in 2019 they will proudly stand behind another half-marathon race in the city for the fifth time in a row, as well as all other races they are accustomed to running in Banja Luka, which are part of the 2nd “Run & More Weekend” festival, scheduled to take part from the 19th until the 21st of April on the Kastel fortress.

Our goal was to grow bigger with each year and to provide the running community with the “Run & More Weekend” – as a new concept and a new dimension in race organization that will prologue visitor’s time of socializing and their stay in our town by offering a variety of sports, educational, entertainment events and concerts. Our goal is that runners who come to participate in one of the races in Banja Luka, stay as our guests throughout the weekend and get to know Banja Luka from every angle – as a city of sport and a healthy lifestyle, but also as an attractive tourist destination in the region.

“We urge all media not to participate in the spreading of falsehood in the future, and that prior to publishing the information in which they wish to mention RMC and the “Support” agency they check the liability of the information and to consult us as a second party and not to allow themselves to be under the influence of people who are trying to, by issuing false and inaccurate information, manipulate and confuse the public and the runners.” was said in a statement released by the “Support” marketing agency in Banja Luka.


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