Organizers Of The Bl Half Marathon Gave Support To Runners In Belgrade


The first snow this year, cold weather, filled streets of fans that are cheering for 4,000 runners in the half marathon and 10K race marked the third day of December in Belgrade. The premier edition of the first Belgrade Half Marathon gave the picture of sport and health, as runners from all over Serbia filled the streets of Belgrade.

Sumadija athlete from Kragujevac Darko Zivanovic and Belgrader Radmila Djurovic were the winners of the first Half Marathon in Belgrade. The winners of the 10K were Nikola Bursac and Biljana Cvijanovic. Many runners from Banja Luka were also running at the first half marathon in Belgrade. Them and the rest of the runners were cheered by the organizers of the Banja Luka Half Marathon.

The runners were cheered on by confetti, drummers, and a bit of rakija to warm them for the final 500 meters. The organizers of the Banja Luka Half marathon used this visit to Belgrade to introduce the new concept of Run and More Weekend. The difference between this year’s Banja Luka Half Marathon and next years is that next year the Run and More Weekend event will last for three days.

BL Half Marathon in 2018 is also introducing the new course with the finish line in Kastel Fort. There will be a sports seminar, education training, advice and consultation for runners. Next years pasta party will be called Pita party. There will be rafting, paragliding and a big concert as the crown of the biggest sport event in Banja Luka.
The Half Marathon is scheduled for Saturday, May 12th 2018.






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