Organizational board of the 4th Banja Luka half-marathon held their 1st meeting

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Organizers of the 4th Banja Luka half-marathon announced at the press conference, after the first meeting of the Organizing Committee, that “Vivia Run & More Weekend” festival will be held, for the first time, in Banja Luka from May 11-13, 2018, and will be organized by “Banja Luka Marathon” and Recreational Running Club “Trk” from Banja Luka. This is a three-day festival of sports, music, education and entertainment for everyone: little children and scholars, athletes and amateurs, runners and dancers, volunteers and sports fans.

Addressing everyone present, mayor of Banja Luka, and president of the Organizing Committee of the 4th Banja Luka half-marathon, Igor Radojicic, said that preparations for the biggest sporting event in the city are in progress and that the first “Vivia Run & More Weekend” sports festival, and 4th Banja Luka half-marathon, will be part of the program, organized by city administration, called “Spring in Banja Luka”.

“City of Banja Luka takes part in the organization and preparations for the first festival of sports, music, entertainment and education, the 4th Banja Luka half-marathon, and events such as these are part of our active engagement on popularization of sports,” said Radojicic, adding that an event like this, given its size, overall organization, and the number of participants and visitors, confirms a status obtained in Brussels, where Banja Luka was declared the European Sports City for the year 2018.

“This year city of Banja Luka will get its first” Vivia Run & More Weekend “festival on which the central event of the festival will be the 4th Banja Luka M: TEL half-marathon.”Vivia Run & More Weekend” festival will begin on May 11, and last for three days, and all the runners and guests of the city, besides the races they are already accustomed to running with us, can also look forward to dozens of concerts on the city squares and Kastel fortress, EDU Coaching Forum – sports seminars, education and training, Expo – a two-day, half-marathon fair of sports equipment, sports events and tourism, rafting, paragliding and lots of entertainment for the youngest”, announced Goran Coric, president of the 4th Banja Luka half-marathon, at the press conference.

The general sponsor of this year’s main half-marathon race is, as Coric pointed out, M: TEL Company, which was among the first to recognize the importance of this event, both for the city as well as for the Republic of Srpska. “We also have our longtime partners and sponsors at our side- Gazprom Petrol Stations as the general sponsor of the G-Drive relay race and Nektar Company, with whom we have a three-year contract as they are the title sponsor of the Fun run, a 3 km long race. The race for our youngest participants, Bambini race, is sponsored by our friends from Tropic & MojMarket, who will be in charge of taking care of the proper nutrition of the runners, for the second year in a row “, Coric added, stressing that this year’s prize fund is set to 30,000 KM.

Exclusive sponsor of the 1st festival of sports, music, education and entertainment is Vivia water, which signed a three-year contract on cooperation and partnership with Banja Luka Marathon, today in Banja Luka. Vivia is also the official water of “Run & More Weekend” and the 4th Banja Luka half-marathon.

“In our company, Vitinka, we are delighted that Vivia water and Banja Luka Marathon signed an exclusive three-year sponsorship agreement for the first” Run & More Weekend “festival of sports, music, education and entertainment. We have been successfully cooperating with Banja Luka half-marathon for years now and this partnership, to our mutual satisfaction, will continue in the next 3 years. We are committed to carry out, together, numerous campaigns and activities that promote health, sports and healthier lifestyle, “said Mirko Savic, marketing director of Vitinka Company, whose most famous brand is Vivia Water, sponsor of the festival. Apart from being the general sponsor of the festival Vivia will, as Savic said, be the official water of the 4th Banja Luka half-marathon. Savic wished all the best to the organizers, and a record number of participants and visitors, convinced that, as he said, love, laughter, friendship and sport on the streets of the city will feature another month of  May in the city of Banja Luka making it a talk of the town for a long time.

It was announced at today’s press conference that the general sponsor of the 4th Banja Luka half-marathon, for the fourth year in a row, is company M: TEL.

“M: TEL has always supported projects that promote sport and healthy lifestyles. M: TEL proudly stands by the name of Banja Luka half-marathon for the fourth year in a row, and our cooperation will continue in the forthcoming period. We are fortunate to be part of the biggest sport event in the country and the fact that city with be full of positive energy, good atmosphere and what we will all enjoy ourselves during this weekend of sports, music, entertainment and education, “said Jelena Maksimovic, spokesman for the M:TEL company, in addressing the journalists.

The exclusive sports sponsor of the 4th Banja Luka half-marathon, in 2018, is Sport Vision and Nike- sponsor of the half-marathon sports equipment. Metromedia Group, as the largest outdoor advertiser in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, will give organizers place to 300 billboards on its promotional network of “Vivia Run & More Weekend” and 4th Banja Luka half-marathon, while all live events will be broadcasted on the National Radio and Television, who are the general media sponsor.

The 21km long Banja Luka race will take place on Saturday, May 12,2018, in one cycle, on a new, significantly more attractive half-marathon route, and the finish line of the race will be on the Kastel fortress.

Addressing the press conference attendees, race director, Vladimir Selec, said that applications for the 4th Banja Luka half-marathon are open, that organizers have high hopes for this event and that he is expecting new records when it comes to the number of runners who are coming to Banja Luka from Europe, and other parts of the world.

“When it comes to the 4th Banja Luka half-marathon, we expect more than 15,000 visitors and sports fans and more than 7,000 participants in the half-marathon, relay, school and children’s race,” Selec said.

An avowal was sent to the Athletic Association of BIH, in the past few days, stating that Banja Luka half-marathon was awarded with “five stars” and a certificate of European Athletics for quality and safety in events organization, the highest status in European Athletics. The acknowledgment was handed to organizers of the Banja Luka half-marathon by the president of the RS athletic association, Borislav Djurdjevic.

“According to the statement from the Federation of European Athletics, Banja Luka half-marathon race was awarded with five-stars due to the implementation of 54 athletics standards, including high-quality event organization, high level of technical organization, an ideal running track, and for providing maximum safety for the participants. Banja Luka half-marathon was highly rated, which means that this event in Banja Luka guarantees high level of safety and protection and provides runners with a satisfactory level of service quality in the racing category with large number of participants, ” the president of the Athletic Association of RS pointed out as he handed the” 5 Star ” certificate to the organizers.


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