Goran Ćorić, new president of the Athletic Club “Banja Luka”


Goran Ćorić, the founder and creator of the “Run & More Community” project, was named a new president of the Athletic Club “Banja Luka” at the election parliament of the club, which was held on Tuesday at the restaurant “Lanaco” in the “Mladen Stojanović” park.

The board of directors also consisted of the vice president Radislav Račić, and members Mladen Radaković, Momir Trubarac and Duško Tadić.

The new president thanked everyone for the trust, pointing out that his task was to bring the organization of the club to a higher level.

“We need to provide better training conditions for all competitors and coaches, which will surely bring better sports results,” said Goran Ćorić, who added that a joint organization of numerous events such as the “Run & More Park” Festival, the half-marathon races and many other events resulted in the creation of a strong running community in Banja Luka.

He also pointed out some long-term plans that imply providing conditions for the winter training of athletes in Banja Luka, and that some projects are already been in plan regarding that, and that it is needed to find adequate solution in the forthcoming period.

According to Radislavka Račić, the new president will surely bring new energy to the club: “His plans are ambitious but necessary, realistic and accordant to the sports goals of our athletes.”
Dragan Jaćimović, Assistant Minister of Sport in the RS Government has also attended the Assembly of the athletic club “Banja Luka” and pointed out that the club members of the previous season have had great results and showed that they can do even more and that, having said that, what is certainly needed is the significant support of the highest institutions.

The Assembly also endorsed the reports on the work of the board of directors and the financial report, the report on the results achieved in 2018, as well as the report on the work of the school of athletics of the athletic club “Banja Luka”.

At the ceremonial part of the parliament, acknowledgments for the achievements in the previous season were awarded to: Aleksandra Roljić, Nikola Brdar, Oleg Galić, Aleksandar Kovačević, Jelena Kosić and Stefan Stanković.


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