Gather your dream team and conquer Banja Luka!


You have a team with which you share passion for running – then this is the right time to shine on the G-Drive relay half-marathon race that will be held in Banja Luka on May 21, on a 21km long track.

This is a race for team players who will, in sections, by joining forces, take over the kilometers of the new half-marathon track. It is an opportunity for work colleagues, students or first neighbors to show what team work is.

Gather around your own dream team and come up with a strategy that leads to victory!

Love for running has united millions of people

The main motive of half-marathon and marathon races is popularization of running and healthy lifestyle. This idea connects many people, around the globe, who love running, and relay half-marathon race has become one of the most massive running movements.

Runners from Banja Luka are surely going to join millions of enthusiasts around the world. This year the city on river Vrbas expects 200 teams, with over 700 runners, to reach the finish line – Kastel fortress.

First step paves the way to success!

Making the first step of gathering your team is the most important thing to do. Teams can be mixed, with men and women, and depending on whether your team has 2, 3 or 4 members, each of the members will run 5 or 10 kilometers. Team members will exchange their batons at marked points on the running track, and the whole team will be waiting for the last member to together, as a team, reach the finish line at Kastel fortress.

Research shows that socializing outside the office and away from everyday duties has a positive impact on creating better interpersonal relationships and boosting functionality at work. That is why the G-Drive relay half-marathon race represents the perfect opportunity for companies to work on team building in the best and easiest way.

While team members defend their company’s colors, their fellow colleagues cheer from the bleachers. This creates a relaxed environment and good conditions for teamwork, achieving the best results for business. By joining forces one can also design ideas for the branding of the team, which gives each company or organization a chance to promote themselves at one of the most significant sports events in Banja Luka.

At the G-Drive relay half-marathon race teams from other cities, that have already announced their arrival, will be participating in the event giving it a regional character. The new track runs through green alleys, parks and the most beautiful Banja Luka settlements, to Kastel fortress. To the guest teams, beside the competition, this is an opportunity to meet friendly hosts, try traditional specialties, and to feel all the beauties of Banjaluka city.

Have fun with your dream team!

This year Banjaluka is the best destination for all of you who have a dream team, enjoy traveling and meeting new people, and who love to have good time. Sports events are just one part of the festival called “Vivia Run & More Weekend”, which brings a lot of educational and entertainment events. Parties featuring popular bands and DJs will be organized along the running track and in the authentic area of the most beautiful historic building in Banja Luka – Kastel fortress.

Under the motto “Team4Dream,” kilometers of the G-Drive relay half-marathon race become a path in the pursuit of fulfilling your dreams, connecting people who share common passion and love for running. Sometimes a competitive spirit comes in first, but the essence of it lies in having good time and making friendships that will last a lifetime. Now is the best time to win the kilometers of the new track but also to have fun with your dream team.


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