First EDU Coaching Forum in Banja Luka


First EDU Coaching Forum, led by competent regional experts, will be held from May 11th to May 13th within the Vivia Run & More Weekend festival at Kastel fortress in Banja Luka.

The forum program is designed for running and fitness coaches, students and teachers of physical education, yoga teachers, physiotherapists, nutritionists, runners, and all those who want to broaden their knowledge, achieve long-term contacts with professionals and work more actively on the promotion of recreational sports, and sports in general, in the region and beyond.

This year, the focus of the forum is on these topics:
• Fitness preparations for amateur athletes,
• Nutrition,
• Injury prevention and
• Marketing in coaching jobs.

Coliseum of Professional Training

Recreational sport is an important segment in creating and developing healthy lifestyle habits, but what is more important is knowing how to apply it properly and with advice from the experts. The EDU Coaching Forum will therefore become a place for exchanging experiences, a place to wrangle, discuss, convey scientific and practical knowledge, a place where one can train and consult.

This is primarily a professional forum for those who wish to improve their coaching skills in the field of recreational sports, but the program is also intended for other profiles of sports workers who want to actively work on their training and help others develop their overall fitness level.
Part of this professional training is focused on the business and marketing aspect of the coaching job, putting emphasis on improving business performance of the participants and raising recreational sports to a more professional level.

Veroljub Zmijanac, founder of the portal “Trč”, will have a word on the topic of marketing in coaching. The focus of his lecture will be on “Marketing and activation of clients – how to build a successful business”. Veroljub Zmijanac is known as the guru of the Belgrade racing scene and has initiated numerous projects that have influenced popularization of running in Serbia.

From preliminary workouts to healthy diet

When it comes to physical preparations of athletes, we will have the pleasure to hear what Asja Petersen, from Croatia, a verified international Pilates instructor and educator, a woman who brought authentic Pilates technique to this region, has to say. For this Banja Luka forum all participants will be able to attend her lecture / workshop on the topic of “Spine Biomechanics and Functionality of the Locomotor System”.

Prof. Dr. Lejla Shebic is the most famous name in Bosnia and Herzegovina when it comes to fitness and aerobics. At the first EDU Coaching Forum in Banja Luka Lejla will talk about new trends in group fitness programs, and visitors will also have the chance to participate in her “Functional body-weight Training” workshop.

Official physician of the World Fitness Federation – FISAF, Danijel Borkovic will be dealing with the topic of nutrition. Danijel has been actively working with sports organizations and athletes, as a doctor, educator, nutritionist, sports and medical advisor, for the past 14 years. This time participants of Banjaluka EDU forum will learn about the specifics of diets and supplements in sport.

How to prevent injures

Participants of the EDU Coaching Forum will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of professional and educational lectures and workshops on the topic of prevention of injuries. Aleksandar Jakovljevic, from Banja Luka, a specialist in orthopedic surgery will give a lecture on the topic of “Recovery in modern sports”.
Ivan Radenkovic , main trainer of the Belgrade running club and the creator of the training program for the Running School, which has over 2,500 participants both in Belgrade and across Serbia, advocates “smart” training, training based on scientific findings. For the participants of the Banja Luka forum he will talk about “How to run without injury”.

Together with knowing the proper running technique, it is also important to know how to breathe properly. Therefor we have a teacher of Kundalini yoga from Banja Luka, Sanda Meshinovic, who will guide all participants of the forum through a workshop called “Breathing Techniques and Focus Exercises for Athletes”. After years of working experience in the corporate world, but also as a fitness trainer, Sanda has devoted herself to educating others and helping people in their desire to live a healthier, more enjoyable, quality life.

Within the EDU Coaching Forum, a panel discussion will be held on the topic of “Adolescent Age of street runs”, with our guests from the region: Gojko Zalokar – Director of the Ljubljana Marathon, Alen Boshkovic – director of the Dubrovnik half-marathon, Marko Vasic – representative of the European Athletics Association and Veroljub Zmijanac – founder of the portal “Trč“. Host of the first panel discussion will be Vladimir Selec, sports director of Banja Luka half-marathon.

Lectures, panel discussion and workshops are another segment which makes “Vivia Run & More Weekend” festival stand out from other, similar events.

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