Banja Luka’s “Running Exit” in April


Running and having fun all in a fully packed weekend event. This is, in a nutshell, how we can announce the “Run & More” weekend in Banja Luka: races, concerts, lectures, rafting … choose your adventure!

Run & More Weekend 19-21.04.

The most spectacular sports and entertainment festival in the region “Vivia Run & More Weekend” at Banja Luka’s “Kastel” fortress will host, this spring too, runners and guests from all over the world. The second edition of this event is scheduled from 19th till 21st of April 2019, organized by the “Support” marketing center, the Athletic Club Banja Luka and the “Run & More Community” team.

The walls of the Banja Luka’s “Kastel” fortress bear witness to the opulence of different cultures that have been mixing in this area for centuries, and which still, with the help of the “Vivia Run & More Weekend” festival, write history.

This spring as well the fortress will become a modern sports arena, educational forum, a gathering place and a place for socializing and connecting people from all over the world.

More races, more fun!

The route of the RMC Banja Luka half-marathon, which will be held on April 20th, runs through some of the most beautiful Banja Luka’s alleys and parks, modern settlements and old parts of the city all the way to the most beautiful historical symbol of Banja Luka – the “Kastel” fortress.

From the same start line as the half-marathon race, participants who run a 10K and a 5K race will also begin their race, just on a shorter route, but to the same finish line – the “Kastel” fortress!

These races are also a novelty of this year’s event, and one which is especially interesting is the “5K Team Run” that will be run by joint teams of work colleagues, neighbors, college friends or fitness palls. Teams can consist of at least 3 and a maximum of 5 members. Based on the sum of the results of all team members the average time in which the team has ran the race will be calculated.

This year, organizers are preparing, for the first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina, one of the most exciting races called the “Color Fun Run”, and with the organization of this fun competition we celebrate the beginning of spring, love and friendship.

One part of the sports program will be organized for the youngest runners. This year, the organizers expect around 2000 pupils on the second “School Run” competition, while the traditional “Bambini Marathon” race will gather around 1000 children aged 2 to 7.

The richest racing package in the region

All participants of the “Run & More Weekend” festival and the RMC Banja Luka half-marathon will find numerous surprises in their racing packages which the organizers have prepared with the help of their faithful friends and sponsors of the event. The official sports sponsors of the festival, and the half-marathon, are “Sport Vision” company and Nike. The racing packages are tailored to fill the potentials of every runner. Besides that, this year, the organizer also gives you a chance to select the items you wish to have in your racing package.

Sign up for one of the RMC Banja Luka half-marathon races in time to secure the richest racing package in the region!

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Running packages link:

Total prize fund for the RMC Banja Luka half-marathon set to 25000 KM

Award fund for the 21km race
Men / Women

1st place 1200 BAM
2nd place 800 BAM
3rd place 700 BAM
4th place 600 BAM
5th place 500 BAM
6th place 450 BAM
7th place 400 BAM
8th place 350 BAM
9th place 300 BAM
10th place 200 BAM

Award fund for the veterans in the 21km race is 3600 BAM
Men / Women

Prizes for the first three places for age categories 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+.

1st place – 150 BAM, 2nd place – 100 BAM i 3rd place – 50KM

Award fund for the 10K race
Men / Women

1st place 800 BAM
2nd place 600 BAM
3rd place 500 BAM
4th place 400 BAM
5th place 200 BAM

Prize fund for regional competitors in the 21km race

The first three places with the best results in both categories (male and female) will be awarded with a gift package from the sponsors.

Prize fund for the best competitors from Banjaluka for the 21km race

Award for the best male competitor, Banjaluka resident, in the 21km race – a gift package from the sponsors.
Award for the best female competitor, Banjaluka resident, in the 21km race – a gift package from the sponsors.

Educational forum

Lectures, panel discussions and workshops are another segment in which the “Vivia Run & More Weekend” festival differs from other, similar events.

Educational part of the festival, called “EDU Coaching Forum” is specially designed for running coaches, fitness trainers, students and teachers of physical education, yoga teachers, physiotherapists, nutritionists, runners, and all those who want to improve their knowledge and be more active in promoting recreational sports, and sports in general.

Some of the best regional experts will, this year also, give lectures on numerous topics related to recreational sports. Participants will find out all about proper nutrition, preparations for conditioning trainings, injury prevention and many other topics that are important to the beginners as well as to the advanced recreationalists and athletes.

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This year, alongside with the “EDU Coaching Forum” the “Kastel” fortress will also host sports equipment manufacturers, sports and recreational clubs, race organizers and other sport events within the “EXPO” sports fair.

Party Time

During the three-day festival, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy numerous musical performances featuring some of the most popular regional and world bands and DJs.

After the most colorful race in the city, on Friday, April 19th, visitors and runners will get to enjoy the “Color Fun Run” party on which a regional music star from Sarajevo, “Laka”, will perform, while a little later, on the main stage of the “Kastel” fortress, a music attraction “Queen Real Tribute” band will rock, bringing us the energy of the legendary band “Queen”.

Traditionally the “Vivia Run & More Weekend” will end on Saturday, April 20th, with a big open-air party, organized by the “Run & More Community” in collaboration with the “Fresh Wave Festival” at the main stage of the “Kastel” fortress. This year, DJ James Zabiela (progressive house, techno), G. Edd (house, tech-house) and Mladen Tomić (techno, tech-house) will perform for us.

On Sunday, April 21st, the fun continues with the adrenaline party on river Vrbas. Rafting through the canyon of Vrbas is an unforgettable adventure which takes place on the fast-paced, powerful mountain river that goes through some of the most beautiful canyon parts and sparkling cascades.

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