Goran Ćorić, conceptual creator of the “Run & More Community” project: “We will run, dance and enjoy ourselves”


“Run & More Weekend” that is going to be held from 19 to 21st of April 2019, will star runners from two to 87 years of age, said Goran Ćorić, director of the “Support Marketing Center” and the creator of the “Run & More Community” project, announcing also a good entertainment event.

“Run & More Weekend”, which will be held from 19-21st of April, 2019, will get everyone going, runners of all ages, from two to eighty-seven.” Said Goran Ćorić, director of the Support marketing center and conceptual creator of the “Run & More Community” project, announcing fun times at the event.

“Run & More Weekend will set in motion runners and the supporters, the youngest participants aged 2-7 in the Bambini Marathon, schoolchildren in the School run, work team members in the 5K team run, competitors and recreationalists in the half-marathon race and the 10K race. The novelty this year is the ‘Color Fun Run’, the most entertaining race in the world, and everyone, from 7 to 87, will run, walk and enjoy themselves. We will dance to the three great concerts on the Kastel fortress, and we will have 10 fun pit-stops along the track, where we will, while listening to music and with the support from our citizens, cheer the participants of all races. We will set spring in motion and give Banja Luka, and our guests, another unforgettable sports and entertainment weekend, “said Ćorić, chairman of the Athletic club Banjaluka.

NN: Will this be the first or the fifth Banja Luka half-marathon?

Ćorić: Numbers are a relative thing. For the hard working “Support” marketing team members, who have been doing this for a couple of years now, it will be the fifth time to organize the event. It will be the second half-marathon within the framework of our “Run & More Weekend” concept and the first one under the name of “RMC Banja Luka half-marathon”. Our slogan “Running is for everyone” aims to dedicate the race to those to whom running is not a primary sport, those who will change their lives to be able to overcome themselves and pass that finish line. What is more important is the fact how the event will be organized and how much it will make runners and the cheering fans happy. Those who are main responsible for this weekend are people who know their job: Athletic club Banjaluka, “Suport Marketing Center” or “Run & More Community” team, our media partners, sponsors and friends who know how to implement a demanding project. We believe in our ideas, we love running, moving and making connections and we guarantee that this year’s edition of this event will exceed all previous ones.

NN: How many participants are you expecting this year?

ĆORIĆ: Experience with the big marathons tells me that the participation package, the level of organization, and the accompanying content that we offer do not lag behind those in Europe. We have got great comments from previous participants on the topic of the organization and symbolic race fees so we have strong reasons to expect a record number of entries. Applications were open five days ago, and so far we note a great deal of interest. Everything is going as planned. We prefer quality and therefore certain races will have limited number of entries available, because this is also dictated by the infrastructure of Kastel fortress where the finish line is set. The number of participants is limited to: 1.000 places for the Bambini Marathon, 2.000 for the “School Run”, 5K, 10K and a 21 km run- 2.000 and for the “Color Fun Run” 3.000 participants.

NN: How would you rate the first “Vivia Run & More Weekend”?

ĆORIĆ: In our first year we have created the largest sports and entertainment festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we had around 7,000 race participants, 10,000 visitors on Kastel fortress and that much spectators on the streets. The particularity of this whole event concept is that we had 2 year olds winning a medal and an older man whom we call grandpa Vlado, a half-marathon runner of 84 years of age. We had participants who are Olympians, but also those who are less interested in sports, but prefer listening to music, dancing, and socializing. “Run & More Weekend” is our original idea and we are proud of the fact that other cities started copying us. We are confident that this is the concept of the future of street running and that Banja Luka has got its own ‘running Exit’.

NN: Next year three marathons await us, is this a positive thing for Banjaluka and for the runners?

ĆORIĆ: Running is the most massive and the fastest growing recreational sport in the world. Banjaluka was caught in a kind of running fever ever since the day the first street race was organized in town. We have got trim tracks and more races that will create more runners and therefore certainly less work for the medical staff. Banja Luka has always been a city of sport and I am thrilled that I am now able to run a race instead of just long trainings. Our job as organizers is to compete in preparing the best race possible and thus popularize sport and recreation, making the city more attractive for tourists and a more beautiful place to live in.

(“Nezavisne Novine” newspaper)


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