16 popular running apps


From technologically advanced apps, through apps for more advanced trainings, to fun and adventurous app versions, all running apps promise one thing: more productive and more comfortable running.

Running on a treadmill at the gym and in fitness centers simply tracks your running speed and length. However, running, in the real world, is a completely different experience:

You don’t know how fast you run?

How much you have ran so far?

How close are you to your training goals?

Fortunately, smartphones and other gadgets have solved these and many other problems runners have had. Numerous apps and tools are available in the AppStore (for iOS device users) and PlayStore (for Android device users). Depending on your wishes, apps can track time and length of your training, suggest new jogging tracks, motivate you to run, remind, monitor and advise you on your eating, and many other, habits.

The more apps there are on the market the harder it is to decide on the right one. For this reason we have made a list of the most popular, most accurate and most efficient apps there are, and we want to share it with you, in order to help you prepare for the 4th Banja Luka half-marathon race in the best possible way!

If you’re wondering whether you need all these apps – probably not. However, they all have unique add-ons and features, and it would be good to review each app individually and choose the one that suits you best.

16. RunGo – Available on iOS and Android devices

AppStore selected it as the Apple watch app of the Year. It is the first virtual racing partner that guides you, turn-by-turn, giving instructions in real time – directly through the runners’ handset. This personalized navigation system, most similar to the GPS in the car, provides runners with opportunities of exploring new racing tracks, whenever they want, eliminating the need for additional maps – by remembering new tracks.

15. UARecord. – Available on iOS and Android devices

The world’s first health and fitness system that is connected 24/7. It keeps track of your sleep, fitness, activities and nutrition. You can set your goals, join and sync the app to other devices, follow friends and UA athletes. You get personalized reports that help you feel, look and train better.

14. Fitbit MobileRun – Available on iOS and Android devices

Keep a healthier and more active life with one of the world’s leading apps that records your everyday activities, training, sleep, and more. Use the app alone to follow the basic parameters on your phone, or connect it to one of many Fitbit add-ons for a complete view of your health – calories burned, sleep, weight, etc.

13. Runmeter – Available on iOS and Android devices

The team behind Runmeter claims that they stand behind the most advanced app for runners, cyclists and recreational walkers ever designed for mobile devices. Specifically designed and tailored for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, iCloud and Android users, making your smart device a powerful fitness computer with maps, charts, slides, intervals, circles, notifications, training plans … It also includes special training plans for the 5K , 10K, half-marathon and marathon races.

12. POLAR Beat – Available on iOS and Android devices

A free application designed for sports and fitness activities, made by pioneers of portable sports equipment. Choose your favorite activity: running, cycling, gym, walking, dancing and many more, and begin reaching your goals, improving your health.

11. Spring – Only available to iOS users

Spring is a training app that improves running by matching the right music with your training pace. Manufacturers claim that by using this application runners, and walkers, become faster, stronger and healthier. You can synchronize your steps with a personalized playlist that will motivate and elevate you, help you achieve your fitness goals, regardless of whether you are running the 5K for the first time, you want to burn calories, or just work on organizing a marathon race.

10. Rock My Run – Available on iOS and Android devices

Another app that motivates your more productive running through music. The RockMyRun team works with the world’s best DJs to craft mixes and playlists that react to your body. You’ll enjoy every workout more because your music moves you! This app was featured in the New York Times, LA Times and TIME Magazine. RockMyRun is proven to increase motivation and enjoyment by up to 35%.

9. Pumatrack – Available on iOS and Android devices

Unique running app with modern and friendly user interface. Designed to motivate athletes and amateurs to go out and by having fun get the most of their training. It provides an extra insight into external conditions (weather forecasts, weekdays, location …), as well as personal behavior (music selection and social networking activities), which impact the overall performance of the training.

8. Google Fit – Available on Android devices

Simply follow any of more than 120 activities that are offered in the app. As you walk, run or ride a bike during the day, your phone automatically tracks and records activity on Google Fit. It also easily connects with other apps and devices that track your activities, fitness, sleep and other parameters, including: Android Wear, Nike +, Runkeeper, Strava, MyFitnessPal, Lifesum, Basis, Sleep as Android, Withings and Xiaomi Mi brands.

7. Endomondo – Available on iOS and Android devices

Get the most out of your running, walking or driving with one of the best rated apps for tracking physical activity and personal training. With Endomondo you can track your exercise using GPS, review your statistics, and achieve personal fitness goals. Adjust time, length and desired calorie burn, and let the Endomondo “audio” coach guide you.

Dedicate yourself to achieving your goals and, in addition, let your friends motivate you. Win prizes and complete new challenges. You can track the weather forecast, share results on your favorite social networks, add photos, personalize your home screen, and more.

6. Nike + Running – Available on iOS and Android devices

Whether you’re just starting to train or are preparing for another race, the “Nike Run Club” application surrounds you with everyone and with everything you need to run better. Motivating you with a network of over one million runners, and professional guidance on every step, it can help you achieve your goals – while, at the same time, you enjoy every bit of it.

• Keeps track of all your training sessions

• Audio guide with Nike trainers and athletes

• Personalized training plans

• Trophies and badges to keep record of your progress

• Comparing and competing with friends on the competition list

• Cheering and support from your friends during training.

5. RunKeeper – Available on iOS and Android devices

Join the network that helps people go out and become runners – forever. Keep track of your exercise, set goals, break a sweat, and track your progress. Application with over 50 million users keeps track of running, jogging, walking, cycling and other activities using GPS providing you with real-time results on the spot. If you are running in groups you can set the desired challenges and successes, monitor individual and team progress, and support and motivate each other.

4. MapMyRun – Available on iOS and Android devices

Voted one of the top 10 applications for runners according to The Guardian. The app follows and keeps track of your every run, giving you feedback and statistics that help improve your progress. Discover the best running tracks, save and share your favorite tracks and become part of the community of over 50 million runners. Designed for beginners and professional runners who are looking for a tool to keep track of all their activities and keep them on the right path to reaching personal goals. The application keeps track of over 600 activities, and can be connected with over 400 devices to analyze all of your data in one place.

3. iSmoothRun- available only on iOS devices

Using GPS and Pedometer – iSmoothRun running application literally tracks every step of your training. It automatically switches from one way of monitoring to another, depending on the strength of the GPS signal. If you are an Apple Watch user, this is the app for you, as it allows you to easily configure your home page and, as stated from the manufacturer: “It outshines all the other apps”. In addition, they claim that the app is made by runners, used by trainers, and for the best recommendation we are advised to read user comments.

2. Runtastic- Available on iOS and Android devices

Also, one of the most used and best-rated apps that builds its community through the motto #strongertogether. It keeps track of all your fitness activities: running, jogging, cycling, hiking, skiing and walking, recording length, time, speed, statistics, calories burned and much more.

1. Strava – Available on iOS and Android devices

Strava goes in the category of one of the most popular running apps just because it is being used by millions of users every day. A fantastic user interface, simplicity and accuracy, are some of the reasons why this app has been at the top for years. Not to list all of its functions individually – and there are many, we recommend installing it on your phone and reviewing it yourself.


Zombies, Run!

Be prepared to run as if the end of the world is near! Over 2 million users are running like this every day!

You’re ready to run, you’ve put on your favorite sneakers, tied the laces, put on the headset and have barely ran over your first 100m, when you start hearing them. They must be close. You hear every single sigh, every growl – they’re everywhere. Zombies. You only have one way out: TO RUN!

Zombies, Run! Is a running game and an audio adventure where your every run becomes a mission, and you become the hero at the end of every run. Try it – it’s really fun and it will definitely give your running a whole new dimension that you could not have imagined.

Are you already using some running apps that we have not mentioned? Please share your impressions and opinions with us in the comments below.

We all have one common goal – to run more!


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